BMW R1250 All Performance - Booster Plug

Booster Plug

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Booster Plug Motorcycle Performance Device
  • Its a simple direct - Plug & Play
  • Meaning :- Does not need modification/cutting/splicing
  • Takes upto 10 mins to install

More importantly its more effective for low grade / high carbon - bad fuel countries! 

What does it do?
It improves (richens) your fuel mixture which leads to :- 
  • Even and smoother throttle response
  • Faster and peppier accelaration
  • Removes the sudden deceleration popping and hick ups
  • Better idle feel and performance
  • Synchronises with aftermarket exhausts to give smooth effect on the bike ride
How does it work  ?
Objective is to improve the fuel mixture. So the device will make the ECU believe that the temperature of the engine is lower than what it is! 
The device chip then calculates the correct enrichment will greatly improve the drive-ability and performance of your bike!
 What happens is that by adding some extra resistance to the Air Intake Temperature Sensor the ECU improves the fuel mixture! 

Simply put, the Booster Plug makes the Fuel Injection Engine Control Unit think that the ambient air temperature is 20 degrees Celsius (plus/minus one degree) lower than it actually is and accordingly the Engine Control unit makes the mixture richer by a specific amount.

This specific amount is six (6) percent), which should result in faster and more stable (smoother) throttle response, improved acceleration and a reduction of low speed response issues typical of lean burn engines including back-firing or pressure build-ups in exhaust systems, particularly aftermarket items.


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