BMW R1200R Steering Damper Kit - Titan


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SKU: LSL 100B053T
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BMW R1200R Steering Damper Kit Titan Onwards 2015

LSL Steering Damper

  • The designers of particularly sporty oriented motorcycles, super light weighted and extreme steering head angles, regularly face the influence of “shimmy” and “kickbacks”- a phenomena that affects the driving pleasure and safety.
  • To avoid this problem the use of a steering damper is required on the race track. LSL also offers this item for the normal road usage.
  • Proper mounting of the steering damper is crucial for optimum performance and error-free function. Therefore LSL develops individual brackets for each model. The steering dampers come with model-specific parts certificate, the exact installation is described in the fitting instructions. 
  • Titanium Finish: The compact race-tested version consists of a titanium-anodized, round damper cartridge with a damper rod in 8mm diameter. The damper is adjustable in 7 steps.
  • Layout: mounted like the original

Part Number:- LSL 100B053T

Brand:- LSL