BMW R1200GS Levers - Brake & Clutch


Rs. 10,990.00 
SKU: WL 25750 302

The Revolution in Ergonomics, Usability and Exclusiveness: We have developed adjustable brake and clutch levers in the range and grip range, which can be optimally adjusted to your individual needs. Simply loosen the locking screw at the end of the lever and the grip can be adapted to your personal needs. With the VarioLever , it is possible to brake / clutch only with two or three fingers without pinching the other fingers. Of course, in the fully extended state (corresponds approximately to the length of the series hand levers) can be braked / coupled again with all fours.


Another novelty is the adjustability of the grip range, which can now also be set during the journey, which is of considerable importance for a migrating pressure point (eg under high stress). A large rotating mechanism, which is easy to handle even with thick gloves, makes this possible. The extremely delicate construction is also extremely resilient: Even with a fully extended lever, forces of more than 60 kg (!) Can be transferred without problems at the extreme point of attack. The modular design opens up a variety of color combinations. High-strength aluminum (AL 7075 T6), which is preferred for aerospace applications. With ABE.


  • WL 25750-302
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  • Wunderlich, Germany