BMW R NineT Protection - Slider Front


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SKU: 42152-102
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Axle Slider Front  BMW R NineT

These protectors have proven themselves in the PowerCup race series.

Because the RNineT is so slim, the front spindle and the lower fork casting can be ground by the rough tarmac when sliding without this part installed.

The protectors effectively keep the road away from the motorcycle and significantly reduce the possibility of damage to the front.

The Facts:

  • Effective protection for the forks.
  • Ideal supplement to engine protection bars / crash pads because the motorcycle has extra support during the "slide phase".
  • Built in shock absorption and slide protection.
  • Race proven design with low friction resistance / shearing force in slow speed falls or extreme lean angles and a progressively increasing friction during extended road contact.
  • Special resilient plastic.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Made in Germany.


  • RNineT ALl

        Part Number:-

        • WL 42152 102

        Brand:- WunderLich Germany