BMW R 1200 RT LC Ergonomics - Lift Assist Handle


Rs. 14,700.00 
SKU: WL 31650-101
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Jack-up lever BMW R 1200 RT LC 

This folding handle makes lifting the bike onto the centre stand much easier, especially when the bike is fully loaded.

The facts:

  • Fast deployment
  • Optimized leverage.
  • Easy to lift bike onto centre stand.
  • Non-slip, grooved grip.
  • Fast folding mechanism.
  • Precision machined of high quality material.
  • Anodised aluminium.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • The mounting point on the rear footrest bracket can be chosen depending on rider height.

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    Part Number:-

    • WL 31650-101
    • R 1200 GS R & RS
    • Wunderlich, Germany