BMW K 1600 BAGGER World Sport Performance Seat

Sargent Cycle

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SKU: WS-672-80-IHFR

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BMW K 1600 Bagger (2017+) World Sport Performance Seat

This motorcycle seat starts with a great foundation, our precision-molded, lightweight but tough PolyTec base.  Next, Super Cell Atomic Foam with patented Zone Suspension Body Contour Technology provides improved lateral support and critical pressure relief for maximum long-distance comfort. And “plug and play” heat integrates seamlessly with the Bagger's on-board OEM controls. The seat is finished with our premium “Badlands Black” vinyl upholstery and double stitched sealed seems. With the Sargent Bagger seat, you’ll be ready for the long-haul and then some!


This World Sport Performance Seat has the following features:


  • Sargent’s patented Zone Suspension Body Contour Technology absorbs your unique body shape and pressure points helping to eliminate “hot spots” while maintain maximum overall support and suspension.
  • Durable, comfortable and maintenance-free Badlands Black vinyl inserts, topstitch, weather sealed seams and matte black trim.
  • Patented Fine Wire with Embedded Flex Pad Technology. The heating element is molded in just below the foam surface for stability, and it is designed to flex with the riders' weight and pressure to ensure that comfort and suspension are not compromised – another  Sargent exclusive!
  • Heat included standard on front and rear seats with BMW-compatible plugs that integrate seamlessly with your OEM on-board heat controls. No splicing required.
  • Designed to work with your stock key. Mounts just like OEM.
  • Optional Sargent EM-5 five-way adjustable backrest for front seating position (rear passenger coming soon!).


Expertly engineered, this seat will put you on the road to increased riding time and comfort.


Seat Height and Width Information


The World Sport Performance seat for the BMW K 1600 Bagger offers a wider, slightly dished seating contour to minimize pressure points, and slightly better reach than the OEM seat heights. NOTE: Actual "seat to ground" dimensions may vary depending on rider weight, anatomy, and motorcycle suspension settings.


HEIGHT 30.7"


The rear seating area offers comparable lateral support to OEM seat, while maintaining the aesthetics of the bike. This is achieved with firmer, more supportive lateral lift utilizing Sargent’s exclusive Super Cell Atomic Foam and Zone Suspension Technology.


            Part Number:- WS-672-80

            Brand:- Sargent Cycle