BMW G 310GS Protection Hand Guards Storm Kit - Barkbusters

Bark Busters

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SKU: BHG-069-NP + STM-003-BB
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BMW G 310GS Protection Hand Guards Storm Kit - Barkbusters

Hardware Kit – Two Point Mount (BHG-069)


  • Designed specifically with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.
  • Two mounting points secure the full wrap around aluminium design.
  • Heat treated aluminium backbone for added strength and impact protection.
  • Easy installation.
  • Hardware Kit only (NO plastic guards).

STORM Plastic Guards


  • VPS plastic guards only (with variable height wind deflector set).
  • Left and right pair with mounting screws.
  • Can be fitted to Barkbusters aluminium backbones (except EGO backbone).
  • Wind deflectors can be fitted in two positions for variable wind protection.
  • Deflectors can be removed in minutes for a more compact feel.
  • High impact resistant plastic guards.
  • Extensive range of colours matched to popular motorcycles models.
  • Skid Plate available for added style and protection to the outer edge of the Barkbusters backbone.


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    Part Number:-

    • BHG-069-NP + STM-003-BB 


    Barkbusters, Australia