Air Bags Vest High Viz ( Helite )


Rs. 58,900.00 
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The AIRNEST airbag vest is released via a mechanical connection (release cord) in case of an accident. The gas cartridge completely inflates the protective vest in a fraction of a second. This prevents the head from going too far backward, areas of the collarbone, the chest area, back, and ribs are reliably protected. After the release the pressure is maintained for about 2.5 minutes, then the gas slowly escapes. The vest is ready to be used again after a simple replacement of the gas cartridge. There is no cost-intensive submission or “resetting” of the vest, as with some competitors’ mode.
An inadvertent activation, for example during careless dismounting from the motorcycle, is nearly impossible, because a pull on the release cord must overcome a resistance of approximately 30kg.

The AIRNEST airbag vest is worn over your normal motorcycle jacket. This is particularly practical for motorcycle riders who wear different jackets based on the time of year. The seating of the vest can be adjusted in a matter of seconds even with gloves, so a perfect seating is guaranteed over any kind of motorcycle jacket. Thus, the vest can be exactly adjusted for any figure and any body size. The AIRNEST is light and compact and is pleasant to wear. Thanks to its ingenious design concept, it can hardly be felt.

The manufacturer of this airbag vest is, among other things, a specialist in military protective clothing. The materials and workmanship are thus extremely high-quality and robust, and the “life span” of the vest is thus long.

The facts:

  • KNOX CE certified, comfortable, and removable back protector.
  • Interior material: 3D air mesh for optimal ventilation
  • Exterior material: Endurance, breathable, and highly resistant, oil-resistant and reinforced polyester.
  • Large armholes for unlimited mobility.
  • Large and stable clasps.
  • 3 individual width adjustments for perfect seating.
  • Colour: High VIz