Handlebar Extension 1" - Bar End Mirror & Lever Protectors


Rs. 3,000.00 
SKU: LSL - 165-LV3SW

1" Handlebar Extension, 20mm, Adapter for Bar End Mirror & Lever Protectors :

Mounted by a brass spreader this bar end gives a save hold to bar end accessoires. The handlebar wide will be extended about the space you need to mount our bar end mirrors or lever guards. So there is no need to move the handlebar controls.

Layout :

  • for inner diameter 18mm: 22,2mm steel and 1 inch aluminium handlebar
  • for inner diameter 19mm: 1 inch handlebar

Material : Aluminium

Materialbehandlung : Anodised

Diameter : External 25,4mm, inner 18mm

Befestigung : 18mm and 19mm clamping

Dimensions : Outer diameter: 1" // length: 20mm // weight: 120g