Pannier Rental Services

Panniers / Cases Rental for Motorcycles

We should be providing rental services for Panniers / Side cases for almost all bikes around June 2016. 

The details would be updated in a couple of weeks but in a nutshell this is how it would work out...

  • You inquire about the service and we work out a plan for you.
  • You pay us for the panniers and the Luggage racks
  • We ship them to you in about one week of time on decided date.
  • You use them and return it to us. Three days or return time are free of rent. 
  • On receipt of the panniers we email you and confirm the amount that is going to be returned to you. 


  •  The cost depends on what you rent. We currently rent Gobi Series, Ram Mounts and Alu-Standard series. Currently its about 700 to 1000 /- Per day for the panniers depending the no of days its being rented. Shipping at actuals. 
  • Additional cost: The amount that is returned to you is 2% less as they are transaction charges.
  • Time: Depending on your location three to four days of free rental days are given for you to ship the carriers back to us.
  • The Luggage carriers are rented separately. From top case to side case carriers. We usually keep a few in stock but you you would need to email us to inquire about that