Steering Dampner

Modern chassis designs do not come without disadvantages. Sport bikes with wide tires in particular suffer from increased tendencies to “shimmy” (steering oscillation of the front wheel) and to “kick back” - phenomena that decrease riding fun and safety.

Getting these side-effects under control requires a powerful shock absorber element. This is what the LSL steering damper is made for. Years of testing on the racetrack and on the road has earned this accessory high praise among racers and experts.

Proper installation of the steering damper is critical for optimum performance and error-free functionality. Therefore, LSL has developed and optimised individual mounting brackets for each type of motorcycle.

Type Titanium
The titanium steering damper is a robust, well-tested damper unit which has conquered first place in the LSL program. The damping characteristics aim is a linear flat increase and the damping rate is adjustable 7 ways. The balanced damping force makes the damper ideal for road use where too much damping resistance limits the controllability of the motorcycle. Our titanium steering damper is available with stroke lengths of 70mm, 100mm, and 120mm. Model-specific mounting kits made from CNC-machined aluminum are available for naked bikes and sport bikes.

Type Oval
The oval steering damper is one of our classics and has been in the LSL program since 1987. Mounting kits are available particularly for classic models. In addition to dampers with 90mm and 120mm stroke lengths, this shock absorber also comes with 150mm stroke length for heavy loads typical for trikes or sidecar motorcycles. Please note, The mounting joint on the damper has to be attached in longitudinal direction and should never be bolted on in cross direction as to not carry load in a bend position.