Clip On Handlebars

Tour Match Clamps :-  

  • Offers a more comfortable riding position.
  • The patented construction with its 2 deg angle provides an ideal handling position, placing the torque tube over rather than beside the top of the fork. 

Offset High Clamps :- 

  • Brings the bars 25mm forward and 37mm higher
  • Designed for sport bikes with high fitted RAM-air intakes. 

Speed Match Clamps :-

  • Compact clip-on of medium bar height. Controls can be moved even further inwards. The bar angle is 4°.

Sport Match Clamps :- 

  • The Classic Sport Match is an extremely light sport clip-on that is positioned close to the forks.
  • The clamp is made from high strength aluminium, comes in anodised silver and is bolted with ¼” Allen screws.
  • Wall thickness is 4mm and bar angle is 7 deg.

Clip on tubes:- 

  • For Offset High, Speed Match and Sport Match the clip on tubes are needed separately.
  • For 1 inch handlebar controls we offer 1 inch clip on tubes with reduced diameter in clamping area.
  • For models with original 1 inch handlebars we offer clip on tubes which are confined in clamping area. So they can be mounted in all LSL clamps without changing the original handlebar switches.